Tim Payne


Good design is important for robots which are intended to interact with people. I believe that in the future, intelligent automation will free individuals to truly pursue happiness. It is my goal to design robots which make human/robot interaction more comfortable. This means incorporating features which make communication and operation feel natural. Through Hello Robo, I hope to make high quality platforms accessible to more people and promote general interest in robotics.


Maken Imcha


Maken is currently pursuing her MFA at SCAD Atlanta. Having graduated valedictorian of her class, her work has been displayed and sold in Neiman Marcus, Bergdrorf Goodman and currently at the Museum of Design Atlanta.


Interns 2013
Matthew Arceri


A sophomore at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Matt has been teaching himself and others about robotics and electronics from a young age. Past projects include high-altitude balloons, cell-phone controlled robots, and robotic bears.


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