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Hello Robotics Unveils MAKI Pro: Elevating Human-Robot Interaction Through Advanced Animatronics

Atlanta, GA USA 08.29.23 — Hello Robotics, a leading innovator in social robotics, is thrilled to announce the launch of MAKI Pro, a desktop android that employs advanced animatronics to set new standards in human-robot interaction (HRI).

Transforming HRI with Advanced Animatronics

One of the groundbreaking features of MAKI Pro is its animatronic eyes, which offer genuine eye contact during interactions. This is not just a leap in technology; it is a transformative approach to HRI. Eye contact has been scientifically shown to build trust and enhance communication between humans. By integrating animatronic eyes into MAKI Pro, Hello Robotics aims to replicate these nuanced human interactions, making the robot more relatable and its engagements significantly more meaningful.

A Compact Powerhouse of Features

In addition to its lifelike eyes, MAKI Pro is equipped with an embedded PC, an 8-megapixel camera, and 17 points of articulation, all housed in a remarkably compact form factor. This allows users to bring MAKI pro to “life” with complex behaviors, enabling a broad spectrum of applications without taking up valuable desk space.

Sophisticated Speech Capabilities

Enhanced further by ChatGPT-powered speech functions, MAKI Pro can engage in dynamic, natural conversations with users. The combination of animatronics and advanced dialogue capabilities makes MAKI Pro not just a tool but a research companion capable of recognizing and responding to user inputs in a deeply engaging manner.

User-Friendly Software for Limitless Customization

MAKI Pro is backed by a user-friendly software suite that lets both hobbyists and professionals effortlessly create new animations and behaviors. The platform is designed for ease of use, enabling the integration of cutting-edge features like face tracking, emotion recognition, and speech into projects with minimal coding expertise required.

"We believe that MAKI Pro is a game-changer in the realm of interactive robotics," said Tim Payne, Lead Designer and Founder of Hello Robotics. "It's exceptional blend of advanced animatronics and interactive features will redefine how we understand and engage with robots."

MAKI Pro is fully customizable and currently available for pre-order, starting at USD11,900. Discounts are available for educational institutions. For more details or to reserve your MAKI Pro, please visit

About Hello Robotics

Hello Robotics is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of social robotics and HRI. The company prioritizes quality, functionality, and the user experience to create robots that are not only innovative but also deeply engaging.

Press Contact:

Tim Payne

Lead Designer / Founder


For high-resolution images and press kit, please visit [press kit link].

Note to Editors: Tim Payne is available for interviews upon request.


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